• Actor type:   Short Film Actors
  • Dancers Type:   Pole Dance
  • Model Type:   Commercial Model
  • Musicians Type:   Pianists
  • Photographer Type:   Landscape
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   30
  • Country:   USA
  • Languages Known:   English
  • Height:   175cm/5ft 9inch
  • Chest:   21
  • Waist:   31
  • Dress Size:   XS/38
  • Shoe Size:   10
  • Hair Color:   Black
  • Skin Color:   Light
  • Eye Color:   Black
  • Hair Type:   Short
  • My Services:   TV commercials
  • Additional Skills:   Script writing, Directing, Short Film Shooting, Comedy, and Writing



Personal life

Jeremy Lum is an Asian-American commercial and voice personality that has an interest in Anime and Geek culture. He has been featured in commercials for Battery Bill, posed for Jamba Juice campaigns and was the face for the festival, AO Fest. He’s worked with a variety of YouTubers such as Arden Cho, Wong Fu Productions and Kina Grannis. Jeremy currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he hosts the weekly recap for Meta-Human Entertainment.


Jeremy has spent most of his time writing shorts and putting together online webisodes. He has been a model for Jamba Juice, ABC Stores and has voiced over 20 different commercials, videos and shows.

Contact Info