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If you're looking to get started in the modeling business, don't wait for opportunity.
Let us bring the opportunities to you.
No matter what the talent, were looking to help you break out.
Whether it's art, cooking, singing, dancing, hosting, comedy or modeling,
MHTalents will help you get there

Welcome to

MH Talent

MH Talent is an Agency founded in 2012, and since then we've been looking for the brightest and most talented individuals in the nation to represent the biggest brands.

MH Talents pairs high quality brands with millenials that are eager to breakout into the industry. We accept seasoned talent that are transferring from agencies or newcomer talent to teach them the ropes to prepare them for the industry. There is a need for influencers, musicans, models, actors that may need experience getting to the main stage. We’ve helped talent establish themselves to top corporate brands and be a part of mass media. See how MH Talents can help you!

Unique Model Profile

The advantage of partnering with MH Talents is that you get an agency that has Marketing experience and is a content development company.

So you're always up-to-date and in the know.

Apply for Auditions

We get you in front of the right people. We understand that attention is given to the loudest and most popular ambassadors. Our unique set of skills allows us to help you get through the door.

Get Discovered

We pair you with national and international brands that would otherwise pass up the opportunity of a single person business. Let us take care of the heavy lifting while you do what you do best. That's your talent!

One Stop Shop

MH Talents is a one stop talent shop where not only do you get the gigs, but you get paired up with our talent, our musicians, our actors. If you're looking to do a project, everything is right here at your finger tips.


Our Latest Talent

We accept talent from around the globe and position you in the right light.  If you’re looking for that additional exposure, MH Talents will help you get in front of who you want.  If we’re not already partnered with an organization, we’ll pitch you to them! 

A Modeling Agency That Works for You

No Matter What Your Talent, Join Us and We'll Help You Grow!

Since 2012, we’ve been helping people discover their talent and get those in the public eye.  We’ve helped brands and businesses find exactly what they’re looking for. We are MHTalents! 

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Over 10 Years

We’ve been around for a while so you don’t have to worry about a fly-by-night company. We’re here to stay! 



We’ve helped individuals get jobs with Pepsi, Opening Acts at the Modern Honolulu and more! 


Model Agency

If you’re a model or looking to become a model, we’ll help you with our connections to big brands.  Let us represent you and give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for!


What Our Client Say's

To stand out as a company you need unique individuals that can put together clever campaigns. MH Talents help to put together a get lineup of individuals to make the vision of our campaign possible.
Division Manager
of Papa Johns Hawaii
Big or small, everyone needs influencers even Jamba Juice in Hawaii. Jamba Juice has 33 locations on the island of Hawaii. How do manage each of them? You hire the right partner. 33 then became a breeze to manage.
Marketing Manager
Having to worry about modeling is tough enough, but when you have a company like MH Talents who has your back,the modeling becomes the focus and the business, well, MH Talents handles that.


One Team

Our Team helps get you discovered and becomes are part of your family.  A talent agency should feel like calling a friend and not a big company where you feel like you’re just a number.